Legacy means many things to many people. To Jairus, it's about leaving a positive and enduring mark on the world that extends far beyond one's physical presence. It's about teaching others through your own actions. And it's about being part of something larger than yourself.

Legacy also has a more tangible meaning for Jairus. Born to NFL star Gill Byrd, "legacy” has been a concept well known to Jairus throughout his footbal career. During his rookie season, Jairus stepped into this legacy role full force, competing as a defensive back, the same position his famous father played as a member of the San Diego Chargers.

But Jairus’ objective in fulfilling and creating a legacy goes much deeper than his contributions on the football field. Jairus brings his own special kind of focus, determination, and professionalism to everything in life. He is a breath of fresh air to sports fans everywhere.

Jairus follows these six simple statements in his quest to leave a positive legacy:

My legacy is my faith
My legacy is myself
My legacy is my life

My legacy is my family
My legacy is my performance
My legacy is every day